Start to a Beautiful Relationship

I started this week off on a week’s vacation.  This week I had plans to spring clean my home, get organized, and work on my book.  Not once did I think I would use this week off work to start a blog.  I made this list of things to do because I thought it would make me happy to accomplish these things.  Then I had a thought, is everyone out there doing the same?  Are we all going day by day looking for things that will make us happy?  If so what makes us happy?

We all have different ideas about what makes us happy, but are they true to our soul?  Is that the purpose of it all?  Do we need to stop and find out what makes our souls happy?  I think this is my reason for starting this blog.  I want to find out how to make my soul happy.  How do I undo the thirty-five years of damage that I have done to my soul?  How do I repair and remake my soul so that I am happy and in love with life?

This is the start of my journey to a healthy, happy, soul.  I know I’m not the only one out there longing to be happy and in love with life.  Who else is with me?



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